FatLad Does Vegan

24 of my best ever vegan recipes in an e-book that is available for all of you to use and share in your daily lives, as FatLad does Vegan!

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I absolutely love Pizza, and it would be very fair to say, I would eat it everyday if I could, which is why I have released FatLad Does Pizza!

I am very pleased also to bring this to you as a print edition, thanks to our friends over at lulu.com, as they are taking care of the printing side for us.

In this book you will find some recipes for my best pizza doughs, my perfect tomato sauce recipes, alongside twelve different pizza recipes, including the Anarchy Pizza and my much loved dessert style pizza!

Of course thats not all, as I have provided recipes that support the pizzas, such as chili con carne and ratatouille, as well as several side portions from garlic bread to parmesan wedges.