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Finally that time of the year has come for me to begin learning about the glory that is Fifa Ultimate Team, including the Team of the Year (TOTY).

Before we do that though, as it is my first post on my love of Fifa, it would be a good idea to tell you about my history in playing the game.

During my honeymoon my wife asked me what present I would like as a wedding gift. She wanted a Tiffany ring, I wanted a Nintendo Switch!

One of the reasons for that is that I wanted to return to playing Fifa, in its guise of Fifa 18 at that point in time.

So I got it and began my journey through career mode, which at the time was my favourite game mode, as I truly didn’t understand how Ultimate Team actually worked.

I loved it to be honest, amassing many road to glories with Liverpool and MK Don’s.

I played around with Ultimate Team for a bit but I was put off by games lasting 6 minutes minimum, as it was too long, especially in the easier game modes that I was used to playing.

Fast forward and Fifa 19 comes out, new bells and whistles being improved in game graphics and other things like that.

But generally it was same old game, no real changes were made and it became samey, really quickly.

And we get to Fifa 20. On the Switch we were advised that no upgrades were to be made to the gameplay due the engine running the software, so it was going to be the same game with update player stats.

It was at that point I realised I needed to upgrade my system, which I did to a Playstation. This is when I realised what I had been missing on the Switch.

So I began playing the career mode as always, and even though it had the manager generator and the press conferences, it was essentially the same game. Meh.

So in essence I was forced to play Ultimate Team, to get my money’s worth.

Now I understand why it is the most talked about game mode.

I started watching YouTube videos from Nepenthez, his road to glory series to be exact, and I began to realise how to work towards objectives, complete milestones and generally grind towards pack rewards.

Now, I am not the best player, so if your sn amateur player like me, and you are learning the game like me, then certainly follow along.

Fifa Team of the Year (TOTY)


Which brings me on to last night, when EA dropped the TOTY cards.

I think everyone hoped to see a TOTY player fall into their packs.

It happened for some given there were around 40 Mane cards available to buy from 3 million coins on the store, and of course the tweet below showing Mbappe being pulled.

I didn’t get one, but I am happy with what I did get I can tell you.

Squad Battles – Road to TOTY

I mainly play my trade in squad battles, because I am simply not good enough to play rivals, I’ve accepted it, so it’s all good.

Last week, thanks to a great tutorial from Nepenthez, I realised I could beat the weaker teams on world class or semi pro difficulties, which not only allowed me to amass more points than normal, but allowed me to clear some key objectives to gain the Santi Cazorla card.

So I did it and won two packs and 11,000 for finishing at Gold 2 level.

One was a prime Electrum pack and the other was a gold pack.

I managed to bank a good Jesse Lingard card which will remain the club for now, the remainder being mostly sold on for profit.

TOTY Challenge SBC

This is were it got interesting. With all of those players and few in my squad previously, I was able to fulfil the first squad building challenge, which was TOTY themed.

Below is what I got in the pack for my effort:


I was delighted, a great player to add to my squad and what I would term a great reward for grinding out those wins.

TOTY – What’s Next?

Well, only the forward players have been released so far, but from the release trailer below we can also see Virgil is in there, along with a host of other fantastic footballers.

Lastly, as my choice for the player pick pack we got at the start of Fifa last night, I chose Levandowski, I am interested to hear who you chose, hit me up on Twitter.