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bubaBefore I get into this Buba restaurant review, I should own up to the fact that I took my friends to completely the wrong restaurant.

I saw the restaurant I wanted to take them to on Culture Night. The main reason we didn't end up going there was because I couldn't remember the name of it.

I googled it, and up came Buba, which in general is a Mediterranean Tapas restaurant, although we weren't fully aware of that yet.

We got seated, and waited for another friend to come, so we ordered a Mocktail or three.

Whilst we were waiting, we were greeted with a very friendly waitress, who took us through the menu, and the style of eating that we were about to try.

As mentioned before, a large part of the menu is tapas style, with "Munchies" that can be considered a main course if you added a side, which naturally I did.

We ate. A lot. First up, the appetisers.

bubaFalafels, Chili Jam & Tzatziki (v)

I hate to say it, but it was the use of mint in the Tzatziki that sent this over the edge.

The falafel was as expected, nicely crumbed and very light, filled with spice.

The Chili Jam was hot, but balanced nicely thanks to the Tzatziki, with a nice lemon note coming through at the end.

Then came the mint, cleansing my palette ready for the next bite.

Baklava Stuffed Medjool Dates

It's the bacon. It was a real balance of sweet and salty, reminiscent of caramel.

You had a wonderfully chewy Medjool Date, surrounded in bacon, and when eating it, it went from salty to sweet with every chew.

I am not really sure what the Baklava part meant though, as it didn't add anything to the mouth feel from a texture point of view

Halloumi Fries, Chili Jam, House Sauce (v)

So good we ordered three in total over the evening.

I've never had Halloumi before to be honest, I've only ever known it as squeaky cheese.

I was wrong. What a chew. This was Halloumi in breadcrumbs, I could have eaten it all night.

The only way I can explain the mouth feel is if you have ever stuffed 12 sticks of chewing gum in your mouth at the same time, then tried to chew it, you'll know what I mean.

It was the house sauce that made it though. To quote Guy Fieri, you could put that sauce on a flip flop and you'd still eat it.

The best part of the whole meal, which was seconded by my friends.

I must admit that all of the above were more than adequate for four people to graze on, so kudos on the portion control.

Next up it was Flatbread time.

Pomegranate Chicken, Chili Hummus, Chermoula, yogurtbuba

A definite curry vibe with the heat from the hummus and the chicken, but the yogurt did a fantastic job of bringing down the fire level.

The Flatbread was about the thickness of a pound coin, and as our waitress had said, was about the size of a mini pizza. It was very soft, but sturdy enough to handle the chicken.

Baba Ganoush, Harissa, Goats Cheesebuba

I absolutely love the mouth feel of goats cheese, it brings a wonderfully velvet texture, and when it matches with a lemony Baba Gamoush, you would never put it down.

Then comes that savoury flavour of the Harissa, unmistakable in it's heat and taste, finishing off a fantastic bite.

I'm pretty sure these will be on my cooking list over the next few months.

If that wasn't enough food for the four of us, we ordered another round of drinks and got our Munchies!

Grilled Picanha Steak, Spiced Butter

bubaThat spice was cinnamon, you could smell it as it made it's way to the table. I admit it wasn't the most appealing.

It was delicious, but it was really a background note, some not overpowering at all.

The steak came sliced already, which was a nice touch. It was serve with the chefs choice of cooking. Medium rare it was, and it was definitely the right choice.

It was very good, only let down by the incredibly chewy fat, which wasn't the most pleasant experience.

I ordered it which the Potato Hash side, which was nice, but wasn't brilliantly seasoned, so they tasted bland.

In Conclusion

I must confess, I couldn't eat any more after that, and the rest of the group were fit to bursting.

Whilst I ended up in the wrong restaurant, we fell upon a stunner.

Score: Wait Staff
Score: Food
Score: Experience
Unit 4 St Anne's Square,
10 Edward St,
Phone: 028 9568 0162

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