Challah French Toast | Sundaze #1

This one is a beast of recipe in my Challah French Toast.

Sundays are usually my cooking day, and one meal that most of the time takes centre stage is breakfast.

You will note I recently released a recipe for Challah bread, that pillowy soft yet sweet bread, mainly used on Jewish celebrations.

Naturally it was pillaged for french toast, as it has the ability to absorb the egg into its mass, delighting the taste buds with a large amount of bacon on top.


When you mix the sweetness of the Challah Bread, with the savoury, saltiness of the bacon, that next level flavours wallops you right in the face.

Utterly delicious.


2 Eggs

a few slices of Challah Bread

A few slices of bacon

So my Challah Bread French Toast is super simple to make...

1. Slice up that bread, as thick as you can make it!

2. Whisk two eggs.

3. Bring a frying pan up to temperature, on a high heat.

4. |Fry the bread on both sides, about 3-4mins per side, or until golden brown, texture like sun.