Chicken Dinner Ideas | Sundaze #2

Sometimes, a chicken dinner is exactly what the doctor ordered. Sundays are perfect for it, given there is time to work in and out of the kitchen, which is why I have spent a large amount of time thinking of different chicken dinner ideas.

But what chicken dinner accompaniments do you prefer with your chicken dinner?

Well roast potatoes are a must, as is gravy. Carrots? Parsnips? Yorkshire Pudding?

Carrots always for me. Now that we are getting close to Christmas, Brussels sprouts are making a comeback.

I mean, it works with a turkey dinner, so why not a chicken dinner, right?

Either way read and watch on to see how I make mine, as I show you the culmination of the best of my chicken dinner ideas!

Chicken Dinner Ideas – Sides

The ladies favourite at the moment, as one of her many cravings.

I am not sure any other herb will do, especially when making carrots for a Sunday dinner.

My Roasted Carrots with Thyme are a blessing of culinary delight when doing so.

With possibly the exception being cumin, I have never really thought to try anything else with carrots, since watching a rather well known chef advising to do so.

Since then I make these either as a boiled accompaniment, or simply roasted with thyme.

So the next time (no pun intended) you reach for the humble carrot, make it a centerpiece rather than a bland afterthought.

Roasted Carrots with Thyme are a triumph!

Now, you could do mashed, or boiled, but it's not the same given you need the crunch if a perfectly made roast potato for a chicken dinner.

Why, well think about it. Carrots are soft, so are sprouts when you cook them down, alongside the chicken which is tender, so you need that texture.

Also they are bloody delicious.

Roasted Potatoes in Butter is a change to my normal eating habits, especially as it relates to making, and eating roasted potatoes.

The thing is, I love them. I would eat them all the time, and love that they can be made in a variety of ways.

I mean, you can do them with olive oil just.

Or maybe some goose fat?

I don't really bother with goose fat, but do love to use butter whenever I can.

I am a FatLad after all!

That's why my roasted potatoes in butter fits my every need, and then some!

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The housewives favourite, and like Marmite, splits a room in two.

Then we thrown in another favourite on a chicken dinner, bacon.

Treat them like cabbage when cooking and you'll not be disappointed.

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chicken dinner ideas – Carving the bird

The real winner in this chicken dinner is the chicken itself, as it serves two purposes.

One is the wonderful flesh that you get from the carcass, and two the carcass itself.

Not only does it give you some wonderful pan juices to mix in with the Bisto.

But to cook it properly is a science, and it is all in the resting as well, especially if you want it remain juicy.

I'll also give you a pro tip on how restaurants bring chicken back to temperature, whilst keeping it moist, for the best chicken dinner I can muster!

chicken dinner ideas – equipment

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