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fatlad does vegan!

vegan cookbook for beginnersThe fatlad takes all of his cookery knowledge and mind of useless information and applies it to his first ever vegan recipe book, “fatlad does vegan”, which is a perfect vegan cookbook for beginners.

This vegan cookbook for beginners has 24 unique recipes, were he has tried to create the food we all know and love, as vegan cookbook classics!

So, give us a sneak peak!

Simple Chickpea Recipes

I was first introduced to chickpeas through falafel, thanks to a wonderful friend of mine from the Yemen. The next time they were on my dinner plate, they were blitzed down into a simple chickpea recipe called hummus, and whilst it isn’t my absolute favourite, I can see the impact it had on my need to dip everything.

It was only when I began using them in my own cooking, that I fully realized how delicious they can be, but also more importantly, how versatile they are when creating my very own simple chickpea side dishes, such as hummus or spiced chickpeas.

In the vegan cookbook for beginners, I give my best ever falafel recipe, my best ever chickpea curry recipe alongside a curried hummus.

Vegan Soup Recipes

simple vegan cookbook for beginnersI want to introduce you in this section to the wonderful world of soup making, which I had previously covered in my free e-book "Pictures of Soup" (currently available on I-tunes).

In this chapter I gave you my vegetable stock recipe, which I have used consistently over the past 20 years to make delicious vegan soup recipes, and I wanted to share it for all of you vegan beginners.

Then I deliver three of my best ever soup recipes, some of which are family favourites that I have perfected over time. Its my favourite at lunch, but is just as home as a starter to a main meal.

Simple Vegan Potato Recipes

Are you, like me, a potato fanatic? If so I have put together 4 of my best potato recipes, for this simple vegan cookbook for beginners.

Millions of people around the world tell us that Potatoes are a staple in many of their meals, noteworthy from my own country in Ireland. If you cannot grow potatoes in this country, you shouldn't call yourself a gardener!

The recipes included are for everything from a french style potato dish to the best Sweet Potato burger i can muster.

Healthy Vegan Main Courses

simple vegan cookbook for beginnersTo learn how to cook simple vegan dishes for beginners you must first work with the ingredients to understand how they work within the vegan lifestyle.

Whilst I have tried to offer different types of dishes non vegans would eat, I have also grown a large appreciation on how things are grown and harvested, and then placed together on a plate.

I can say it has made my cooking much better than it was before, because you have less to work with, so you need the ingredients to work harder for you.

In this chapter we explore cottage pie and vegan curry as an example, with more to whet your appetite.

Vegan Sides

simple vegan cookbook for beginnersMany people contemplating a Vegan diet have difficulty in moving across from the foods they are used too, to food they aren't.

But when you sit down and think about it, most food can be vegan, like the side dishes for example.

We all love hummus, and its vegan.

We all love Baba Ganoush, and it can be vegan too.

This chapter gives you some ideas on how to turn vegan sides into something that is simple, and that after all, is what we want to achieve with this simple vegan cookbook for beginners.

Vegan Desserts

What? Yes, it is true, you can have a dessert, and it doesn't have to be boring fruits.

In this chapter I give you a recipe for my best ever chocolate cake, my best pancakes and also granola bars to die for.

Just because its vegan, doesn't mean it isn't a treat!

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