Preserved Peppers

I've been making these preserved Peppers for a good while now, simply due to the fact it is a great use for left over peppers.

I first saw these on the Jamie O show as a jarred product, and found that they are exceptionally easy to make, if a bit long in the processes.

If you leave them to preserve long enough, they become really sweet and creamy, and work wonderfully in Humus or with some mozzarella.


3 Red/Orange Bell Peppers
Extra Virgin Olive Oil


One Serving (serves 12)

Calories: 109kcal
Carbs: 3g
Fat: 12g
Protein: 0g


1.Cut the peppers in a way to give as flat an edge as possible.

2. Place a griddle pan on a high heat, and heat up for at least 15mins.

3. Put the peppers on to the pan, skin side down.

Use a weight to hold them flat to the pan, for at least 5mins.

4. Turnover twice, following the instructions on step 3.

5. Put the peppers into a bowl and cover them in cling film. Leave to steam for 15mins.

6. Put the peppers in some water, and rub the skins off with your fingers.

7. Place the peppers into a pot with a tight fitting lid. Fill the pot with the oil and fasten the lid.

Leave in a cupboard to preserve for at least two weeks before using them.

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